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When to inspect an oil lease

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2019 | Oil And Gas Transactions |

At Ehrlich • Pledger Law, LLP, we understand that emotions tend to run high when oil and gas leases are involved. For prospective sellers, these contracts have the potential to represent a serious windfall. For buyers, they are a major investment. It is natural for nerves to get frayed when this much is at stake.

Nevertheless, it often takes a level head to go through gas and oil lease documents with an eye for detail. Even relatively common forms of these leases often contain — or could benefit from, for that matter — language that pertains specifically to the deal in question.

We attempt to make sure our clients understand the deal they are entering. We do this by looking at every detail of these documents and communicating these details in as simple and straightforward a manner as possible. 

If it turns out that the document was not representative of a negotiated agreement, we also act as representatives in various types of disputes. whether these are internal partner disputes in oil companies or conflicts between buyers and sellers, we bring the same tenacity and attention to detail.

With everything that is at stake with oil and gas contracts, you want to truly understand anything you sign. We believe that our straightforward explanations help our clients do just that. 

Your opportunity probably involves a unique set of circumstances. Your agreement should speak to the exact situation — that is often the one of the best ways to avoid conflict going forward. A custom contract or a reviewed lease could help in that regard. Please continue on our main website to read more.