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Can you invest in energy resources in more than one way?

If you have recently considered investing in energy resources in the state of California, chances are you have heard about the variety of pending benefits you may enjoy. You have probably also learned a lot about the risks involved, as well as the types of energy resources you can choose to invest in. However, did you know that you can invest in resources such as oil and gas in more than one way? Deciding which option is the most beneficial for you depends on your needs, the time you have and the outcome you desire. 

Should you include a dispute resolution method in your contract?

You probably do not want to go into a deal with an energy company in California assuming that some kind of dispute is bound to arise. It is easier to believe that the contract you sign is going to create a stable and lucrative relationship. It may be better to prepare through a dispute resolution clause in your contract, but setting one method in stone could backfire.

Three common types of oil spill lawsuits

Californians take oil spills seriously. When the American Trader spilled nearly half a million gallons of crude oil off the coast of South California in 1990, it constituted the worst oil spill in the nation to date. The California state legislature took decisive action: it enacted the Lempert-Keene-Seastrand Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act and placed a ban on new drilling in the state’s coastal waters. These regulations are still in place today.

Quiet title actions often resolve title disputes

As the purchaser of mineral rights in California, you want to know that the title is clear so you do not run into any disputes that could put your ownership rights at risk later. At Ehrlich - Pledger Law, LLP, we understand the many threats to a clear title, and how to uncover and eliminate them.


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