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February 2018 Archives

Reviewing some other reasons for oil and gas disputes

We have covered a number of different reasons why oil and gas disputes arise. However, it is vital to bear in mind that there are many other issues that can result in an oil and gas dispute. If you do business in California, these disputes can be very contentious and have a major impact on your company and financial future, which is why they should be handled properly. By recognizing some of the different reasons these disputes take place, you might even be able to avoid a dispute altogether.

Are mineral rights part of the property your family inherited?

You and your siblings inherited some real estate in California, and you want to buy their portion of the land from them. The energy industry development in nearby areas has you hoping that one day you will be able to lease the mineral rights of the property in exchange for royalties. However, before your siblings agree to sell and you fix a price, you need to find out first if the mineral rights are attached to the surface rights, or if someone else owns them.

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