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Experienced Help With Mineral Interests

Mineral rights owners throughout California can turn to Pledger Law, PC, to assist with their legal needs. Our experienced attorney understands the issues that accompany mineral rights ownership and are prepared to assist with matters related to oil and gas leasing, title issues, and surface-use compatibility.

Help For Out-Of-State Owners

If you live outside of California but have an ownership interest in oil and gas interests here, you may find it challenging to deal with issues involving your property. We often help owners with questions involving oil and gas leases that they may have received through probate and who may have little understanding concerning their property. We can help you, explain what your ownership interest entitles you to and how you may assign or sell your interests.

Mineral Rights Issues

We are prepared to assist mineral rights owners with any of the following services.

  • Reviewing oil and gas leases — Oil and gas leases are typically one-sided in favor of the oil producer, necessitating lease negotiation to balance provisions and protect the mineral owner’s rights. We will help you negotiate oil and gas leases, and, if necessary, we will review and prepare these documents for you.
  • Title issues — We can help to transfer title interests into the name of new owners or heirs of an estate. We can also clean up a title through quiet title actions.
  • Oil and gas lease disputes — Disputes can arise with other mineral owners, surface owners, and oil and gas producers. We can assist in the interpretation of leases to resolve disputes or, if needed, go to litigation to protect your mineral rights.
  • Compatibility issues — Compatibility of surface use issues can arise when real estate developers, solar or wind power companies, or other entities seek a usage agreement that may affect oil and gas producers. We can review and negotiate the terms of surface waivers, unit agreements, pooling agreements and other documents to ensure your rights are protected.

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