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Need Assistance With Quiet Title Actions?

Quiet title actions are an attempt to clean up a recorded title to mineral rights, surface rights or both. Quiet title actions occur when there is a dispute regarding ownership of property. Purchasers and sellers of real property often need legal advice and assistance to resolve title problems through quiet title actions.

What Is A Quiet Title Action?

Because there are potentially multiple interests in a parcel of property, such as an easement, a license or a lease, it sometimes becomes unclear as to who actually owns the property. A quiet title action is designed to resolve these questions. This gives the mineral or surface owner a clear title to their surface or mineral interests and allows them to validly exploit those resources.

Our attorney at Pledger Law, PC, provides personalized counsel and assistance with quiet title actions for clients in Kern County and throughout California. We are experienced with all aspects of mineral rights issues and real estate transactions. We can advise you through completion of the quiet title action, working to achieve a recordable judgment that will give you a clear title to surface and/or mineral rights.

Ownership Interests Can Be Clouded By Time

Often, many of our clients have encountered title issues for the first time. In many instances, mineral rights owners are relatives who have lost contact over the years. These circumstances can make it difficult to identify the chain of custody for their interests. In other situations, interest owners are deceased, or there are old liens or leases on the property that cloud the title.

Clearing Titles To Clarify Property Rights

We will help with quiet title action and publish the intent to clear the title in the local newspaper. If those relatives do not appear within a certain timeframe, we will obtain an order from the judge to quiet their ownership. If the title has old liens or leases attached to it, we also will clear those issues through a quiet title action, thereby creating a marketable title.

Additionally, through the Dormant Mineral Rights Act, surface owners can quiet a title and become the owner of the mineral rights. We can file a notice of intent to preserve minerals if the owners have left their rights dormant for many years.

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