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Resolving Complex Real Estate Disputes

At the office of Pledger Law, PC, we bring experience to clients across the San Joaquin Valley and Central Valley of California. Attorney Jean Pledger has over 20 years of experience.

We take a highly personalized approach, always taking time with you to learn the details of your situation and understand your concerns. We are a small firm, so you will always have the opportunity to work directly with an attorney.

Our Real Estate Practice

We focus our real property practice on real estate disputes, representing either side in litigation involving:

  • Landowner disagreements — We protect the interests of people on either side of a property line or land dispute. We will carefully examine all your options to determine the most effective way to resolve your differences and maintain a positive relationship with your neighbor.
  • Easement issues — Whether you have an easement or need to protect yourself against an easement holder, we can help you get a clear understanding of your rights and options and can effectively protect you in court.

We provide counseling to clients who are behind on mortgage or property payments, helping identify alternatives to foreclosure. We can investigate your options and discuss whether you should consider a short sale of your property.

Wind Or Solar Farm Leasing

We also advise clients who have questions or concerns about alternative energy projects on their property, including landowners who have been contacted by wind or solar power companies seeking to install structures on their property.

We can discuss the issues which are affected by renewable-energy contracts, from the length of the leases to the effect on your use of the land and that of your heirs. We will also explain the structures of these agreements and the types of property interests contained, such as future options, various easements, covenants and the lease itself.

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To schedule a meeting with our experienced real estate lawyer, call our Bakersfield office at 877-478-0945 or make an appointment using our online contact form.