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What should I consider before signing an oil and gas lease?

If you are ever approached by a representative of a local gas and oil producer in California, you may find yourself wondering if it is a good idea for you to enter into a lease for your property’s mineral rights. Before you sign one, you should consider the ways it can affect your rights, finances and life. 

Effective resolving an oil and gas dispute

If you are the owner of an oil and gas company, you may face an array of challenges on a daily basis. Unfortunately, you could be involved in a dispute, or you might be worried about a potential dispute that you think is looming. Whether you have run into disagreements with a mineral rights owner, a landowner, or are facing a dispute within your own company, it is crucial to do what you can to resolve the situation appropriately. Our law firm knows the multitude of complications that can arise with these disputes for oil and gas companies in Bakersfield and other parts of California.

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