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Resolving an oil and gas lease dispute

On Behalf of | May 26, 2019 | Oil And Gas Disputes |

In some parts of the country, blue collar workers have been hit hard by financial challenges and job losses. Some people in this position have benefited from oil and gas leases, which have helped combat these economic challenges. However, some of those who lease oil and gas rights change their minds or disagree with the way in which a project is being executed. This may be due to confusion about the terms of a lease or a property owner’s refusal to abide by the terms of a lease. In some cases, this can lead to a heated dispute, which may be very hard for an oil and gas company to deal with.

If you are in the middle of a dispute over an oil and gas lease, it is crucial to do everything in your power to find a successful resolution. You may be able to resolve the disagreement outside of the courtroom, but there are times when legal action cannot be avoided. In these instances, it is imperative to carefully pore over the details of the agreement and have a firm understanding of your rights and the lease. Depending on the outcome of the dispute, this roadblock could have a major impact on future operations and the overall health of your business.

We realize how challenging oil and gas disputes can be, whether they involve a lease or any other facet of a project. If you would like to read more about legal issues that impact oil and gas producers, browse our blog.