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A look at what your assets may be in the oil and gas industry

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When you are first starting in the oil and gas industry, chances are you will encounter many learning curves as you gain experience in buying and selling your assets. At Ehrlich Pledger Law, LLP, we have helped many people in California to protect their assets and work through complications with contracts that may have been misinterpreted. 

As with any type of business, your involvement in the oil and gas industry allows you access to many assets. Often, it requires hard work, strategic movement and time for you to gain assets and transform them into fully functioning components of your business. The way you choose to go about investing in the industry and the way you utilize your strengths will affect the type of assets you ultimately choose to purchase. 

According to azcentral.com, there are three primary types of assets you could choose to invest in including downstream, upstream and midstream. Downstream assets will be components that are as close to the end user as possible. For example, natural gas liquefaction plants, oil refineries and other types of storage facilities for oil and gas. Upstream assets are trading rights for oil, gas and mineral discovery. Reserves that are already found and are in the ground are also considered upstream assets. Midstream assets are methods that facilitate the processes designed to get natural resources to a usable state. These assets include transportation efforts and storage facilities. 

When you understand the different types of assets that you can invest in within the natural resources industry, you can decide where you would like to put your efforts into building your successful enterprise. For more information about oil and gas law, visit our web page.