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Basic principles to avoid contract disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Developing and implementing a well-written contract is an integral part of maintaining a functional business relationship in the oil and gas industry in California. However, your efforts to draft the perfect contract cannot guarantee that a dispute will never occur. At Ehrlich & Pledger Law, LLP, we have helped many people to navigate the intricacies of contract law.

According to the Huffington Post, there are some steps you can take to maintain a strong business relationship and avoid unnecessary disputes. These tips also apply to contracts and can help you take proactive precautions to build trust with your partners. These suggestions include the following:

  • Communicate consistently: Once your contract has been created and signed, it is imperative that you maintain consistent communication with your partners. Should questions arise about certain clauses, efforts should be made to provide answers immediately.
  • Be concise: When articulating the details of your contract, pay careful attention to clarity and organization. Keeping content concise and clear can help you create a document that is understandable and does not leave anything to personal discretion.
  • Be proactive: There may be times when contract disputes arise between you and your partners. When this happens, be proactive about finding solutions and creating agreements to avoid running into the same problems in the future.
  • Use mediation: Mediation is an excellent resource to use when you are involved in a contract dispute. An objective third-party can help to maintain amicability while assisting you and your partners in achieving a beneficial solution for everyone involved.

Often, a seemingly complicated contractual agreement is simply the result of a misunderstanding between you and your partners and each other’s understanding of the agreement. With careful attention to these basic principles, you can better avoid debilitating contract disputes. More information about contract law is available on our web page.