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California land opens up to oil and gas transactions

Oil and gas can offer lucrative opportunities for individuals interested in the drilling industry. Of course, it can be complicated to lease land in order to drill, and it is important that any oil and gas transactions are carried out properly. As a result, when individuals hear of land opening up for drilling, they may want to look into their options.

Innovative strategy may revolutionize oil and gas industry

With competition as pressure-filled as it is in the oil and gas industry in California, it is no wonder why many producers go to great lengths to implement innovative strategies to try to get an upper hand. One way they can do this is by developing a strong business strategy that is able to withstand the ebbs and flows of the economy without compromising key components of organizational structure. 

Tips for successful oil & gas lease negotiation

At its core, negotiating a California oil and gas lease is about protecting your best interests, so the more you understand about the process and your rights as an individual with mineral interests, the more favorable your lease negotiations will likely be. At Ehrlich • Pledger Law, LLP, we have considerable experience helping clients navigate complex oil and gas issues, and we have helped many of them work through complicated lease negotiations and find solutions that best accommodate their needs.

When to inspect an oil lease

At Ehrlich • Pledger Law, LLP, we understand that emotions tend to run high when oil and gas leases are involved. For prospective sellers, these contracts have the potential to represent a serious windfall. For buyers, they are a major investment. It is natural for nerves to get frayed when this much is at stake.

Is the U.S. in danger of oversupply?

The oil and gas industry, like many other industries in the United States, is a fine balance between production and overproduction. The risk of oversupply can affect the stability of many oil producers in California as well as across the country. With the importation of oil and gas from other countries, it is critical to keep an eye on local oil companies and how this can affect their ability to survive. 

Protect the value of your royalties with these tips

If you are considering whether or not to sell some of your mineral royalties in California, chances are you are going to want to find a buyer who will respect the value of your assets. At Erhlich Pledger Law, LLP, we have considerable experience helping people to make strategic decisions when they are working with oil and gas transactions. 

States may receive more federal royalty money

California is a land ripe with many natural resources which result in some of its land being leased out for the sole purpose of harvesting these resources. Some land may be leased from private individuals or corporations while other land may involve leases with the federal government. When the federal government is involved, it may end up paying the state of California royalties.

Someone wants your mineral rights. Can they drill?

If someone has approached you with a lease offer for the minerals or the oil on your California land, it is not unreasonable to think the person who is talking with you represents a company that excavates minerals or other natural resources. Sometimes this is the case. However, there is the chance the party you are conversing with is actually farther removed from an actual drilling operation or has no ability to drill at all.

What not to do during mineral lease negotiation

If you are a California landowner, signing a oil and gas lease can be a profitable proposition. However, the negotiation process can be complex and time-consuming. Typically, the proposal to you favors the producer. At Ehrlich, Pledger Law, LLP, we have the expertise and experience needed in negotiating and preparing the lease documents.

What is the purpose of an operating agreement?

When you are dealing with oil and gas transactions in California, a great deal of time and communication will go into creating agreements and implementing protocols designed to protect both parties from being taken advantage of. One of the measures you may use to protect your assets is an operating agreement. The purpose of this negotiation is imperative to your ability to confidently and legally continue doing business with another party. 


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