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Exxon Mobil Corp. involved in multiple oil and gas disputes

The use of fossil fuels for various endeavors and the collecting of those materials are often points of contention in differing groups. In some cases, oil and gas disputes can lead to serious lawsuits that put companies in the position of having to defend their uses and business practices. Unfortunately for those companies, these disputes are not uncommon.

Handling oil and gas disputes in a timely manner

When disputes arise in any industry, many different problems may surface, and this is especially true in the world of oil and gas. These disputes can become more complicated and frustrating as time passes, which is one reason why oil and gas companies faced with a dispute should try to handle these disagreements in a timely manner. Not to mention, these disagreements can be very difficult in terms of time, money and energy. Finding a favorable resolution as soon as possible is very important and can help minimize the damage of a dispute.

Supervisors allegedly taking personal profits

The California Department of Conservation’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources is responsible for providing the state with drilling permits, keeping the environment and economy’s best interests in mind. Yet some people believe that supervisors in these departments are looking out for their personal interests rather than those of the state and its citizens.

How much should mineral royalties be?

The California gas and oil businesses are complex. If you own land or mineral rights, you probably work with those who hold interests or leases in the minerals, mining rights or royalties. Normally, contracts with these individuals and companies could provide consistent value to you as an owner. However, things do not always go as smoothly as intended.

Financial concerns regarding oil and gas disputes

Oil and gas disputes take place for a myriad of reasons, and our law office has provided many examples of why these disputes arise throughout our website. When an oil and gas dispute comes up, it can result in many different consequences, regardless of the reason(s) behind the dispute. Not only can a business' reputation be on the line, but stressful legal challenges may lie ahead. Moreover, the financial impact of such a dispute can be enormous, and we will examine some financial concerns associated with these disputes in this blog post.

Resolving an oil and gas lease dispute

In some parts of the country, blue collar workers have been hit hard by financial challenges and job losses. Some people in this position have benefited from oil and gas leases, which have helped combat these economic challenges. However, some of those who lease oil and gas rights change their minds or disagree with the way in which a project is being executed. This may be due to confusion about the terms of a lease or a property owner's refusal to abide by the terms of a lease. In some cases, this can lead to a heated dispute, which may be very hard for an oil and gas company to deal with.

New plan proposes 37 new oil and gas wells

California residents know that the state in which they live is rich with many natural resources. Among these resources are oil and gas. While necessary for most people's everyday lives to run as they do, the collection and use of oil and natural gas can be a source of contention among politicians, business people and citizens. In California, this has led to a halting of leasing federal land to oil and gas companies for several years with the last lease sale on record taking place in 2013. This, however, may be set to change in the near future.

Identifying implied surface rights

The term "mineral right" implies that one's claim to ownership extends only to the minerals found from beneath the ground of a property in California. This distinction is made due to the fact that a separate ownership category exists defining surface rights. In many agreements, the owner of a property retains the surface rights and simply sells or leases the rights to the minerals found therein to different extraction companies. Yet there are scenarios where the two terms can be blurred, thus allowing mineral rights owners to have certain surface rights, as well. 

States may lose right to opinion in drilling under Trump

The current presidential administration is making changes to a 1972 law that gave coastal states like California the right to stall or stop offshore drilling in federal waters. Governors of states up and down both coastlines contested a recent proposal to open all coastlines to offshore gas and oil drilling according to the Los Angeles Times.

Details matter in mineral rights contracts

Whether you are the owner of land in California or the representative of a company interested in accessing the resources that may lay below the surface of a particular piece of property, it is important for you to understand how agreements between these parties may work. When entering into any contract involving the rights to a mineral, whether rock, oil or something else, great care should be taken to identify the fine details in order to prevent future disputes.


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