Personalized Approach. Customized Strategies.

At the office of Ehrlich • Pledger Law, LLP, we represent individuals and companies with legal concerns regarding oil and gas issues. Attorney Jean Pledger brings more than 20 years of oil and gas litigation experience to our firm.

We take a personalized approach, always listening carefully to your questions and concerns, so that we can identify your needs and options.

Our Oil And Gas Practice

We are a full-service oil and gas firm, providing services to clients on both sides of a controversy. Among the wide range of issues we handle are:

  • Mineral interests — We represent people who own mineral interests in California. We will help you review or finalize a lease to protect your rights.
  • Quiet title actions — We advise owners of real property who are involved in title disputes, particularly with respect to mineral rights.
  • Title opinions — Our lawyer will review title documents and provide you with an opinion regarding whether you have surface or mineral interests. In many situations, we can avoid litigation by providing you with a solid title opinion.
  • Lease issues — Our attorney reviews oil and gas leases for oil companies and landowners.

We can also provide general counsel services to oil and gas companies in the Central Valley, counseling you on all types of legal issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. We will negotiate, review and prepare all contracts necessary to effectively conduct your business and can advise you regarding compliance with all laws and regulations governing the oil and gas business.

Contact Us

We provide a confidential consultation to every client. To set up a private meeting, contact us online or call our office at 877-478-0945. Our offices are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.